Trying a Spinning Class

Five Reasons to Try a Spinning Class

Many of us love to get on our bikes and explore the cities and towns we live in – from the river to the busy alleyways; there is always so much to see. But if you think that your cycle career starts and finishes there, then you need to try Spinning. Bring a towel, a drink bottle, and your widest smile, because when the endorphins kick in you’ll know you’ll be hooked!

Five Reasons to Try Spinning Classes

  1. The Energy Is Unbeatable
    Everyone knows that tired, groggy feeling – but not everyone knows that Spinning can be the best cure. It may sound counter-intuitive, but when you’re on your Spinning bike, with the instructor cheering you on through an ever-changing environment of light, music, intensity and scenery, you’ll find your engines revving and you’ll leave with more energy than when you arrived. Your KAYA instructors are passionate and enthusiastic, and it quickly spreads throughout the class until everyone is flattening hills together.
  2. It’s Your Workout
    You see everyone leaving the Spin class, glowing with sweat and achievement, and wonder how you’d ever be able to keep up. Well, good news. You’re not on stage, or in a race. It all comes down to you and your bike, and the resistance you set for yourself will determine how far you push yourself. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself – the continuously changing pace between charging up a hill, sprinting on the flat, or cruising down a slope can be enough for you to conserve the energy to tackle each challenge with more power than you give yourself credit.
  3. Say Hello to Lean Legs
    As you elongate your legs, your muscle fibres stretch and strengthen, so you can look forward to toned legs with long, strong muscles. Strengthening your legs will also help your body to produce more of its natural growth hormone for muscle growth, which means that the rest of your fitness routine will see the results too.
  4. Torch Calories
    With anywhere from 400-600 calories burnt in a session, you’ll notice more muscle definition throughout your entire body as you use up your fat stores, and the toned muscle beneath is revealed. While you may be looking forward to your summer body, don’t forget that fat can be stored among our vital organs, and hinder their functionality. By removing this fat, your health and wellbeing will dramatically improve.
  5. Low Impact, High Reward
    If you suffer pain or stiffness in your joints, particularly your knees, many forms of cardio training and lower body training are off-limits. Spinning classes give you the opportunity to strengthen and tone your legs again, without any impact. The total control of the pedals, as you sit on the saddle means that all the work is being directed to your muscle groups, giving you more results and less cause for concern.

Spinning classes are held by dedicated instructors, and they welcome all types of people to attend. If you’re a member at a health club, talk to their team for more information, or come in and feel the effects that Spinning classes have on you.

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