Affordable Women's Activewear

The Best Tips to Buy Affordable Women’s Activewear

The right workout clothes can make a world of difference during your gym workout or yoga routine; however, it’s common knowledge that comfortable, breathable, and flexible workout gear can cost a hefty price. Luckily, there are strategies that can help you save some money and find great deals at the best stores for comfortable and affordable women’s activewear clothing.

What to Consider When Shopping for Cheap Workout Clothes

Choosing the right clothing is important when it comes to practicing yoga or other fitness workouts. Primarily, it comes down to what you prefer to wear when you move, stretch, and sweat. You should aim for a wide variety of activewear, including tanks, tights, capris, crop tops. There are some other factors to keep in mind when you’re picking out workout clothes. These 5 factors are:

  • Flexibility and stretch
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Activity
  • Fabric

Tricks to Save Money on Workout Clothes

To avoid blowing your bank account on yoga outfits, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that can help you cut expenses as much as possible.

  1. Create a Budget
    Whether you’re shopping at a brick-and-mortar location or using online stores, setting a budget will go a long way in keeping your spending in check. Perhaps you found the perfect Lululemon yoga pants, reebok running shoes, or Adidas sports bra on a bidding site. It can be easy to fall into the bidding war and spend more than you intended. Keep in mind that you’ll have the opportunity again.
  2. Shop at Thrift Stores
    You can shop at thrift stores in person or online, though online can be a bit more complicated. When shopping for workout clothes at an online thrift shop, you’ll need to learn your measurements for your favorite brands and styles, as these all vary in size.
  3. Know the Return Policy
    Read the return policy for any shop that you decide you’d like to buy from. Different sellers may have restocking fees, limits on what may be returned, the timeframe you have to return items, and other rules that may make things more challenging if you decide that the purchase didn’t work out.
  4. Shop Holiday Sales
    Most big sales happen on the major holidays, and these sales usually start a few days before and extend over weekends. Check the calendar before going on a shopping spree to see if there is a holiday coming soon, and hold off your purchase until then.
  5. Swap with Friends
    Trading with your friends can be a great way to refresh all of your yoga wardrobes. Set up a day to trade with family or friends and gather up everything you don’t wear. Anything leftover can be taken to a shop to be sold, leaving you with some spare cash as well.
  6. Hunt for Coupons Online
    There are coupons for everything online, whether you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt for your yoga routine or seeking a full outfit. You can find clothing coupons from a variety of resources, such as Coupon Closet, Honey, and Shooger. You can also check the retailer’s site for coupons.
  7. Buy Basics from Generic Brands
    You can save a lot by shopping at discount stores and focusing on generic brands rather than name-brand workout outfits. You can find excellent yoga gear at a fraction of the cost. The brand doesn’t matter as much as the clothing themselves do.
  8. Look for new activewear brands
    When new brands launch, they often have special offers on affordable activewear to lure in new customers. Since they are new, you might want to just sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the new activewear collection designs and sales. For example, two recent yoga clothing brands we’ve discovered are and
  9. Select Simple Clothes in Plain Colors or Patterns
    Trendy patterns and colors in yoga garments can result in a higher price. They also fall out of style much quicker, which can leave you with yoga outfits that you aren’t as big a fan of as you thought half a year ago. Classic pieces will go a lot further. Consider shopping at Walmart, Amazon, T J Maxx, Kohls, or Target for simple and basic workout gear.

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