Achieving Your Goals in the New Year

Achieving Your Goals in the New Year

It might seem like a cliché but the New Year is the perfect time to take stock of the year just gone and set some new goals for the future. However, there’s more to it than just thinking about what you want to achieve and it takes a little extra work if you really want to make some positive changes. Whether you want to focus on self-care, improve your fitness, or embark on that Pilates teacher training that you’ve been thinking about, let’s take a look at some strategies for achieving your goals in the New Year.

Think About the Why

When you’re setting your goals for New Year, think carefully about each goal and consider why it’s important to you. If you’re going to achieve goals, you have to actually believe in them – there’s no point setting yourself a resolution that you’re only doing because you think you should. Get inspired!

Write Down Your New Year Goals

This might feel a bit silly at the time but writing down your goals can really make a difference to your success in achieving them. When you write them down, you’re making your goals tangible and you’re less likely to just forget about them in a couple of months. Put them in a visible place as a constant reminder.

Break Down the Steps

It’s not enough to tell yourself that you want to achieve your goals by the end of the New Year – a year is a long time and it’s too easy to forget about them until December! Instead, break down your goal into steps and come up with smaller time-frames. Develop an action plan and stick with it. For example, if you are wanting to take up meditation, you’ll first need to research the different types, like mindfulness or mantra meditation. Then you’ll need to learn the specific practice, and lastly, actually do the daily meditation!

Get Some Support

If possible, get a family member or friend on board so you can do some New Year goal setting together. This will offer accountability as you can both work together to achieve your goals and check in with each other to see if you need some support or motivation.

Review Your Progress

Don’t leave it until the end of New Year to look at your goals to see how you’re progressing. Commit to reviewing your goals each month to see how far you’ve come and what you still need to achieve.

Reward Yourself

There’s nothing quite as motivating as the prospect of a reward so don’t forget to treat yourself if you’re tracking well with your New Year goals! Try to think of rewards which are in line with your goal – for example, you could get a massage or new workout outfit if your goal related to health and wellness.

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